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Instructors and Contributors

Brisbane Aikido Republic was launched as an information source with opinion in mid 2009 gathering material from many different sources. In 2010 it established an aikido dojo in Mt. Gravatt. Here is our gallery of Rogues


aran bright
Aran Bright was introduced to the martial arts as a youngster practising karate, then began his aikido training in 1996 at Spring Hill, he's knocked around the traps a bit.  
Aran Sensei is a lecturer and practicioner in Musculoskeletal Therapy and a certified Pilates instructor.

michael nash aikido
Michael Nash began Aikido in the early 2000's, prior to this he was a long time rugby coach. He maintains an interest in the work Of Bill Gleason Sensei and Dan Hardens Internal Strength


Daniel James, somewhat well known in Brisbane circles (you get that if you hang around enough dojos long enough) he has practiced widely established the Brisbane Aikido Republic and continues to look for new ways to understand Aikido

Instructor (Overseas)
Alison Lane, recently returned from an extended period in New Zealand and leaving behind a very successful dojo, joined us as a regular instructor in 2011

Instructor (Overseas)
eric ohlsen
Eric Ohlsen, right with us at opening night. Eric fills in when our regulars can't make it to the dojo. Eric inherited aikido from his son and has really made it his own these days.

Michael Williams is the patron of our association, for his long standing support of many of our members and sage wisdom as well as developing much of aikido in Australia

Lineage and experience
All instructors and contributors follow Aikido through Maruyama Sensei, a principal student of the founder of Aikido and have a continued commitment to learning. 

Here is a brief lineage and experiences shared by dojo.

Technical Advisor

andrew sunter aikido
Andrew Sunter, We are delighted to have a long term relationship with Andrew Sunter Sensei, as a budo buddy on various adventures, regular visitor and supporter of the dojo 
and colleague/mentor

john ward aikido
John Ward, the father of Aikido Yuishinkai in Brisbane, provides unique insights from his many adventures in budo

Gabby and Paul  have contributed greatly to the development of ukemi resources.

Ben Hamley makes this site so much more readable and sensible as Dan's fingers are like lightening (fast but never strike the same place twice) 


Simon Russell, long time aikidoka and influenced by his concurrent study of the Chinese martial arts is well known for producing the Aikido Yuishinkai syllabus DVD's