Alison Lane - Alumni Instructor

Alison has recently relocated to New Zealand, we wish her well. She has practiced Aikido since the mid 90's and holds dan grades from the Ki Society and Aikido Yuishinkai. She began training in Bryon Bay under Michael Williams Sensei the international chief instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai. During her time here she acted as as live in Otomo (assistant) for visiting instructors that included Tamura, Kataoka, Nonaka and Will Reed sensei's, this not only gave her access to some private training opportunities but also the opportunity to conduct some interviews. Later she moved to Tasmania and later to New Zealand, where she led the Aikido practice at the Yuishinkai dojo in Upper Hutt for almost 5yrs.  She returned to Australia in 2010 and will lead the practice weekly in 2011.

Alison's training philosophy focuses on finding "the easy way" (at 162 cm its the only way really!) and trying to perfect the art of blending with an attacker. Her teaching emphasises the learning relationship between uke and nage, encouraging honest mutual learning while keeping it real and having fun.

In real life she holds a PhD in environmental science and balances a busy professional life alongside her aikido career including being a scientific expeditioner to the Antarctic.