Andrew Sunter, Great Ocean Advisor

andrew sunter aikido
We are delighted to have a long term relationship with Andrew Sunter Sensei as our Great Ocean Aikido adbisor, and as a budo buddy on various adventures, regular visitor and supporter of the dojo and colleague/mentor on the path. Sensei runs his own dojo in Sydney and was one of Australia's leading students of Maruyama Sensei, having accompanied him on the national tours, visited him in Japan and travelled internationally with him as uke.
His Bio from  "Andrew Sunter has been a student under Michael Williams Sensei since moving to the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales at the beginning of 1992. In 1996 he spent four months studying in Japan and training at the Ki Society regional headquarters in Osaka.

On his return to Australia he moved back to Sydney and trained for over two years at the Shin Sen dojo under Ken Mclean Sensei, with whom Andrew had taken his first aikido classes in 1990.

Andrew opened a Ki Society dojo in Crows Nest in February 1999 at the suggestion of Michael Williams Sensei and Iwao Tamura Sensei.

Also in 1999, Andrew met Grant South (Palden) Sensei, Inkajo and founder of the Kufudokan. For over two years Andrew lived within the virtuous community of the Kufudokan, training in aikibudo and studying Buddhist principles under Palden Sensei.

Thanks to the enormous patience and support of both Williams Sensei and Palden Sensei, Andrew was able to maintain the purity of training within two schools simultaneously during this time.

The Crows Nest dojo decided unanimously to follow Michael Williams Sensei when he left the Ki Society and subsequently joined Master Maruyama in 2002. The Aikido Yuishinkai Sydney dojo relocated to Camperdown at the beginning of 2004 and the St Clair dojo was opened in October 2005."