Anthony Rasmussen, friend of the dojo

Anthony began his Aikido journey in the 1990s, following serious practice of a number of other arts, he trained obsessively in Brisbane and Byron Bay, and occasionally Japan. Over the years, he has been privileged and honoured to train with Aikido luminaries Koretoshi Maruyama, Michael Williams, Koichi Tohei, Iwao Tamura, William Reed, and many others. Presently, as a frequent interstate traveller for business, he trains at Andrew Sunter Sensei's wonderful Sydney dojo. (He feels it's just as important to continue to be a humble student whilst being a teacher.)

Over the years, Anthony has had the unique, first-hand opportunity to use Aikido's principles of peace, harmony and non-dissension while working part-time as a crowd controller in various bars and clubs throughout Brisbane. In real life he's a computer programmer, holds a PhD theoretical physics, and is a proud father.

"Fall down 7 times, stand up 8."