John Ward - Regular Guest instructor

john ward aikidoJohn Ward has been doing aikido since 1990, or maybe earlier and currently holds a 6-dan from Maruyama Sensei. Originally a Byron student he spent many years under Michael Williams Sensei before heeding further North. His association with Daniel James began as informal practice at Griffith Universities ovals and roof tops, before they formed the first Aikido Yuishinkai dojos in Brisbane and for the university. Later on he relocated to Adelaide forming another dojo, but today is back in Brisbane (at least some of the time). He divides his time between the Meikong delta in Laos where he also receives instruction in aikido and origins of aikido from some senior instructors.

Sensei is a former president of Aikido Yuishinkai Australia and  has followed Maruyama Sensei on his travels about Australia and internationally. He is also a senior student of iaido bringing a unique perspective to the aikido arts. 

Like many other instructors at Aikido Republic, he has travelled extensively, trained in many styles of aikido and holds a PhD.