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In the press

Aikido republic members are active in the wider community, which is reflected in contributions to popular media and research as well


ABC Catalyst 2011
Dr. James research into swimming, tennis and sword technology was featured in this nationally televised science show with leading presenter Graham taking up the sword. 
(watch episode 2011.Ep2)

NGK News Japan, 2010. 
We were the Australian organiser of theJapan friendship seminar for 2010 in Mie prefecture Japan which was featured on their TV news

Totally Wild, Channel 10, 2007.

Daniel James sports research into swimming, cricket and sword technology was featured in this nationally televised show. Students Ben Tan and Charlene Willis were featured using the technology.

Junshinkai Annual Embu in Mie 2009
Taking time out from a research visit Daniel James finds himself at the Junshinkai annual demonstration and asked to demonstrate something, some communication difficulties ensue but its not too shabby

YouTube Video

International Japan Day festival Brisbane city 2002

Aikido Journal
Several articles by head instructor were featured in the online and highly regarded AIkido Journal

 “Discovering Aiki” by Daniel A. James, 2010

Aikido as an Elite Sport,” by Daniel James, 2010

Brian Kagen pick: “Aikiphysics,” by Daniel James, 2010

The physics of unraisable body” by Daniel A. James, 2009

Blitz Martial Arts Magazine Australasia
Daniel James, "Internal martial arts: Physics in action?", Blitz: Australasian martial arts magazine, April 2004, Vol. 18, NO. 4, pp56 -8
(see the full article)

Daniel James, news article on a seminar he hosted for  his teacher Koretoshi Maruyama in 2006

Academic Martial Arts Research Papers
Research presentations and publication in Academic Journals and proceedings, related to aikido and martial arts
Kane Partridge, Jason P Hayes, Daniel James, Allan Hahn, "A wireless-sensor scoring and training system for combative sports", Proc. SPIE, Vol. 5649, p. 402-408, Smart Structures, Devices, and Systems II; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Ed. Feb 2005

Daniel A. James, "Unraisable body: The physics of martial arts", Sports Health, A publication of Sports Medicine Australia, Autumn 2004

 D. A. James, W.Uroda, T. Gibson, "Dynamics of Swing: A Study of Classical Japanese Swordsmanship using Accelerometers, The Impact of Technology on Sport, Japan: ASTA Subic, Ujihashi: Ed, Sept 2005 pp355-60
Presented at the Asia Pacific Congress on Sports technology, Tokyo institute of Technology 2006.

James, D. “A biofeedback system for swing skill acquisition in implement sports, Proceedings of the Joint Symposium on Sports Engineering and Human Dynamics, Akita, Japan 2008p. 171-2

Well known in the local community the occasional story in the local press ensues

Courier Mail Sept 2007

Southern Star 2006

Quest news 2006

Southern Star 2003