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Brisbane Aikido Dojo that were

posted 11 Apr 2011, 17:31 by Unknown user

In the course of updating a little aikido history project (Ki Aikido Australia) we were reminiscing on the some fabulous years training aroubd Brisbane and in some terrific dojos too. Some now long gone, but had some good times at include Spring Hill dojo - an institution, Southbank dojo with weapons on the lawn and aiki in an art gallery and the little dojo on the hill at Dutton park that had a few too many unwanted visitors. If you have any original content of images it would be great to update them.

Spring Hill Aikido dojo - Brisbane only full time dojo for a long long time was the heart of Ki Society Aikido
Southbank Aikido Dojo - The reborn Griffith Aikido dojo started by Ward and James, changed nightly from outdoor, to art gallery to grassy dojo
Coorparoo Aikido dojo - Where Spring Hill dojo went to for a short time
South Brisbane Aikido Dojo -  Overlooking the Brisbane river this had to be the ultimate country dojo
Logan Aikido - An itinerant dojo that has been around since the mid 90's and is currently at Crestmead