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Fear free rolling

posted 27 Nov 2011, 03:44 by Dan James

Well its taken a few years, but here is a single take of the system rolling method we use to help newcomers have a good rolling experience. I really like the method because ir prepares the body for the roll that is to be developed, in this way there are no surprises for the inflexible and any potential problem areas are identified early. nearly everyone that tries rolling with this method succeeds and has a positive approach to developing it further. As there is no lumpy contact with the mat the risk of injury is low, and even an ungainly roll can be corrected before something more ambitious is attempted.
The roll shown here is the shoulder across the diagonal to the hip, the lead hand is the next step and best learnt in the dojo.

The method can be safely practiced anywhere, provided obstacles like coffee tables are removed (yes i have heard a few stories of those suffering injuries from these)

The video is intended as a memory jog for those that have had instruction, and is not substitute for instruction by a licensed instructor. Try at own risk