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Now we are one!

posted 25 Jul 2011, 18:55 by Unknown user

This coming Thursday, exactly a year ago, several aikido vagabonds and budoka  converged on a scout hut in the shadows of Mt. Gravatt mountain to kick off the first training session of the Aikido Republic. Starting, as many of O'Sensei's classes did,  with Ikkyo suwari waza it was a modest affair that has continued to grow in a like manner over the past year. From from near and far the dojo has been supported by Yudansha, aikidoka from the local community and those interested in the art all contributing to a vibrant training atmosphere for learning.

Reaching the first anniversary is a significant milestone in the birth of a dojo, as many never quite make it ( though they may morph into something else see Dojo that were  )

This coming Thursday we mark the occasion with,  yes more Keiko, a few Kyu gradings and a quiet sake afterwards.