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Seminar Season

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Seminar Season

Winter has been far to long, some nights it was even to cold to get to the dojo, but today the sun is shinning and with spring just around the corner, its time to make up for lost time with a string of Seminars coming soon. Time to dust off the spare gi and brush up on the ukemi...

Will Reed Sensei, Brisbane 26-28 Augest, $60 one day of aikido,  Sydney following weekend

Although much of the seminar is devoted to the Nanba method, Reeds ensei will teach a day of Aikido. North American by birth, he has lived as Tohei's sensei's (founder of the Ki Society) for many years and been his principle translator, today he is a regular at Maruyama Sensei's Tokyo dojo(s) and holds a 7th dan in Aikido Yushinkai. He is an opportunity to see through the cultural aspects of aikido from the other side which is sure to bring new insights and those precious ah-ha moments. See for registration

Systema News

Andrew of Systema Australia will be presenting the Combat Systema syllabus  at end of Augest and a visit by Alex Kostic is promised in October. see for details as they emerge

Australian Jujitsu Federation, Sep 23-25th , Sydney, $90

As members of the Australian Jujitsu federation we are invited to attend their annual seminar. This year it is in Sydney and will feature Aikido teachers from a number of schools as well as Brazilian Jujitsu and the more classical Jujitsu schools.

The federations approach of bringing together all interested jujitsu schools under a single umbrella that is government recognised through the sports commission is a major achievement.

In a similar vein, the aikido council of the AJF was formed this year and brings together all the member Aikido Ryu and Ryu-ha of aikido in Australia in an open way which is especially exciting. Its an opportunity to see the wider picture of aikido, beyond style and share in the exploration of a fascinating art.

With the passing of most of O'Sensei's original students now more than ever a banding together to share knowledge from the different approaches of the major (and minor) schools of Aikido is critical for the future development of the art. 

Please contact the dojo for details

Kaicho Koretoshi Maruyama, $250, 14-17 October

An original student of O'Sensei and the headmaster and founder of the school we affiliate to, this is our annual training camp. Sensei brings the aikido he learned from O'Sensei together with his time in the Ki Society, along with influences from the Daito Ryu from the Roppokai and the sword word of the Shin-kage ryu together in a cohesive manner, as well as a day of Soutai healing method. What is the relationship to our practice of the aiki arts, well Will Reed pointed out to me several years ago that the Kanji for Sou-tai is that of Tai-So(u) the other way around? food for thought. Seminar Flyer attached

Some random Tips for Aikido Seminars

Hirosawa Sensei, Sydney 27-28 Augest

Hirosawa sensei, one of the last uchi-deshi of the founder based at the Iwama dojo in Japan is visiting Sydney at the invitation of  host  Takeyasu sensei, who has extended an invitation to us via the Australian Jujitsu federation.

Iwama is famous for is strong practitioners who use the sword and staff as a principle methodology. Hirosawa sensei extension beyond the strength and power into the no-touch arts looks very interesting because of the foundation it is built on.

The following video shows clearly the progression from static to this dynamic element. In particular the efforts of uke to resist and how he harnesses this power is palp[able and looks very exciting.

 The no-touch stuff is difficult to comment on so we look to Alison and Eric who are planning to attend to find out more (alas Dan is away at a conference). seminar flyer attached

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