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Sword swing technology on ABC Catalyst ABC1 Feb 24th

posted 10 Feb 2011, 20:19 by Unknown user
Some will remember the biofeedback instrumented sword I've been messing around with for the last few years, with any luck it'll be shown on ABC's science show Catalyst on Feb 24th,  hopefully it represents the school and art well. Will update with the podcast if its not too embarrassing. (here is some background 10 Biofeedback Sword - a new tool for learning)

"Late last year ABC Catalyst spend a few days at the university shooting some of the examples of our sports technology research. We have just been informed that it will probably go to air on February 24th on Catalyst on ABC1. The segments shot include the ARC funded swimming technology(partner University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Academy of Sport), tennis technology (partner Queensland Academy of Sport) and some swing technology based on Japanese martial art of Aikido. We were a feature story on catalyst  in 2009 (podcast Sports Technology News  )

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