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Thursday April 21st: Guest Instructor: Chicko Xerri,

posted 31 Mar 2011, 04:53 by Unknown user
Chicko Xerri Sensei, Aikido Kenkyukai

Thursday April 21st, Aikido Republic
Sensei has been doing aikido for around 40yrs, travels regularly to Japan to practice with his teacher Takeda Shihan and sister school in Kanto region. Sensei's dojo is based in Noosa though he also teaches internationally and has given a number of demonstrations in Kamakura region, attended by the current Aikikai Doshu. He is one of the most senior representatives of his school in Australia, which focuses on the energetics between uke and nage and allowing aikido to develop as an expression of oneself rather than through rigid forms. Recently Sensei has been exploring the theme 'Exaggeration disregards Aiki' which we are looking forward to finding out a little more. 

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