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Upcoming Aikido events

posted 20 Mar 2011, 03:47 by Unknown user

Whether just practicing at the dojo or roaming further afield, there is plenty on to keep us busy. here are some events to look forward to.

Nakayama KoAikid, Chris Radyk Sensei

Thursday March 24th, Aikido Republic

Come and experience this Koryu style aikido school with a traditional menkyo holder and aikido republic member Chris Radyk Sensei

Michael Williams Sensei, 

Byron Bay, March 26/27

The Byron Bay Aikido Club is going to host a seminar with Michael Williams Sensei, our international chief instructor on March 26/27. 2 sessions on Saturday (10:00 - 4:30), and one session on Sunday morning  (10 - 12:30)   Weapon's.

Brisbane Martial Arts Expo

Sunday 10th April 2011

Who's who in the zoo! We went last year, was a good opportunity to sample some other arts practiced in brisbane and catch up with familiar faces

Chicko Xerri Sensei, Aikido Kenkyukai

Thursday April 21st, Aikido Republic

Sensei has been doing aikido for almost 40yrs, travels regularly to Japan to practice with his teacher (Takeda Shihan) and sister school in Kanto region, teaches internationally and has given a number of demonstrations attended by the current Doshu. Recently he has been teaching on the theme 'Exaggeration disregards Aiki' which I am looking forward to finding out a little more. The Kenkyukai school focuses on the energetics between uke and nage and allows aikido to develop as an expression of oneself rather than through rigid forms.

Aikido Republic Winter Retreat

June 17-19, Bellthorp

Winter solstice is a time for renewal and looking forward to the coming growth of Spring. We are planning a family friendly getaway to the mountains for a little aiki and hanging out that won't break the budget. Intended as a retreat for dojo regulars, friends of the dojo are welcome too. more to come….

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