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Welcome Eric and Anthony sensei's

posted 22 Oct 2011, 19:41 by Unknown user
With the dojo steaming along well and having need of additional instructors, we are delighted to announce that both Eric and Anthony have agreed to take on the role of instructors as required. Both Eric and Anthony embody the ethos of the dog, its commitment to ongoing learning and exploring Aikido beyond the boundary of dojo, styles and arts. While everyone in the dojo acts as implicit instructors through the uke-nage relationship, there is a need for the formal role in the club to lead practice, be aware of the wider picture and goals of the dojo and the tin tacks of keeping the cogs turning. 

Eric was there at opening night for Aikido Republic and has been great to have him on the mat ever since, we have been practicing aikido together for quite a while and its great to have him take on this role, he has been teaching quite a bit in the kids programme at my old dojo so certainly knows how to handle a rabble! Anthony has been kicking around since the Ki Society days, in and out of some of the same dojos and dialogued quite a bit together over the years. Anthony recently stepped down from a teaching role at the Redlands dojo, where he also took on the enormous job of organising and hosting Will Reed sensei during his recent visit.

I'd like to thank both Eric and Anthony for accepting the offer, without to much duress, as is usual in budo all it means is more thank you Eric and Athony for your support of the dojo. You can see their brief bio here