Aikido Republic - Winter retreat (June 22-24)

posted 22 Apr 2012, 04:24 by Dan James
Our winter retreat last year was such a success that its on again, this years them is the Kumijo of Aikido Yuishinkai. There are a few spaces left and day visitors are welcome.  Find all the details at our new seminars site

Please join us for a fully catered weekend of rustic style food with ingredients sourced from the Arakai tea estates’s own garden, cosy fires and bracing mountain air, and plenty of time for a little aiki on the side. Partners and families are welcome.

Kumijo Aikido Yuishinkai

is the creation of Williams Sensei and is a joining of the famous 7 part Kumijo (a paired jo kata) of Saito Sensei  to develop and understanding of distance and timing from long through to short range.

When practiced within the school levels of kotaijuntai and ryutai it highlights and develops our understanding of our open hand arts through precision practice. The kotai or static level practice is critical to the kata maintaining its martial understanding, juntai prepares for aiki and ryutai hones the senses.

Its movements can also be interpreted though open hand practice which will also be explored. On Sunday we hope to film the practice for website and dojo use.

Don't forget Ronin Shugyo (Tuesday April 24th)  and beginners induction Tuesday May 1st