Aspiration, Familiarization, Discipline, Determination, Reflection

posted 5 Feb 2012, 19:44 by Dan James
These are the words of Patrick Auge, that we liked so much we added them to our Dojo Kun or dojo rules. (see 
Dojo Kun (Rules)). The dojo Kun are an agreement we all make to each other and I encourage you to read them. They are formalised for our registration as a Sporting organisation with the Australian Government through an operations manual (copy in the dojo) and the student code of conduct. 
Please take some time to read through these.

Over the next month or so Danny, Alsion, Eric and Anthony are having an informal frequent flyer competition, so there will be some changes to who is leading the practice. However we will all be there for the Feb 28th, March 27th Ronin Shugyo (which kicked off in 2012 with just shy of 20 on the mat in January)
On Thursday March 22nd we will hold some Kyu gradings and planning is well underway for this years winter retreat (see Bellthorpe Aikido Winter Retreat for last years)