Martial Arts Expo May 23,24, Goshinkan Seminar in July and more

posted 29 Apr 2012, 21:32 by Dan James
Coming up on May the 23,24 is the Brisbane Martial Arts expo and many familiar faces will return from amongst the martial arts community. see we have had a great time previously (see Patrick McCarthy Sensei at the Brisbane Martial Arts Expo) and thoroughly recommend it as a way to sample other budo and sister arts.

A little later on friend of the dojo Chicko Xerri Sensei from Fudoshin dojo will be hosting a tribute to Yamaguchi Sensei and Goshinkan dojo, Byron Bay in mid July (see attached file for details)

Our own national seminar is scheduled in Byron sometime in October and already we hear whisperings of some great new material.

Special thanks to our friends at Brisbane Aikikai and Bayside Budokai for inviting us to some terrific seminars these past few months