National Coaching Accreditation for Aikido

posted 27 Apr 2012, 16:26 by Dan James
This is to let everyone know that a government recognised national coaching accreditation course is being run in mid June in Queensland (they are also running in other states at other times of the year see below for the dates). The Australian Jujitsu Federation is the NSO (National Sporting Organisation) that represents aikido, jujitsu and related arts  to the Australian government and runs this course. (see for more information). Quite a few schools within Aikido Yuishinkai have undertaken the training and there is broad support across many other aikido styles in Australia. (see the schools listing on the AJF site)

The course runs in intensive mode over a very full weekend, with followup assignments and practical assessment. It presupposes that participants are already skilled in their art and particular school (it is not style based) and admission is based on existing dan or equivalent measure of these skills. Whilst the coaching corse devotes some time to demonstration of practical teaching skills, its emphasis is on the wider coaching context, and fills in some of the gaps in knowledge. These include

 - identification of physical activity

 - strengthening and conditioning

 - physical maturation

 - biomechanics

 - diet

 - leaning and teaching of skills

 - warm up and warm down

 - risk management, litigation and the law

 - understanding of the role of policy etc..


The course was developed and approved through the Australian Sports Commission. The accompanying coaching manual is developed by the ASC and knowing quite a few authors personally, they are some of Australia's leading lights in the training of elite athletes in australia.

The outcomes of the course are an NCAS (National coaching accreditation system) accreditation. With this accredditation you can also access a really good insurance policy through the AJF, in part because of the lowered risk this brings.

As an instructor in a dojo the course equips you with National best practice and as a dojo it does so as well which can help you give your best for your students both in duty of care and in teaching within your school.

Most current dates are


Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May 2012

VENUE: Point Cook Senior College, Boardwalk Boulevard Point Cook VICTORIA

Course Coordinator: Ross Miller Phone: 0412 343 088

Inquiries may also be made with the Course Presenter go to ‘Contact Details’ or by calling 07 5576 1064



Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2012

VENUE: Dept Sport & Recreation, Sports House 150 Caxton Street MILTON QLD 4064

 Course Coordinator: Matthew Cugola Phone: 1300 766 634

Inquiries may also be made with the Course Presenter go to ‘Contact Us’ or by calling 07 5576 1064



Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2012

VENUE: WA Dept Sport & Recreation, 246 Vincent Street, Leederville, WA 6007

Course Coordinator: Nigel Farrier Phone: 08 9581 6288

Inquiries may also be made with the Course Presenter go to ‘Contact Us’ or by calling 07 5576 1064