Ronin Shugyo Video Analysis (Tue 29th)

posted 25 May 2012, 14:34 by Dan James
This months ronin shugyo we will be filming  tanninzugake practice for everyone. In this form of freestyle training the body and mind are released from kata and the conscious mind begins to release it self from kata. In this practice our deep learning is free to express itself, and our good and bad habits are revealed. As nage and uke, no matter how often you receive instruction it is sometimes hard to correct and improve. Body awarness and perceptions of self can sometimes be mismatched with reality and in this professional and serious athletes in most disciplines utilise video feedback to help improve.

During class we'll aim to film everyone and cut the video into pieces for you all to take home on the night - though maybe i can swing a data projector for the night as well. please bring a chunky USB stick if you would like to take it home with you on the night.

Improvement through self analysis of how you do technique and receive may just provide what you are needing for your next step forward.