Whats it really like to train with the aikido masters?

posted 20 Mar 2012, 15:56 by Dan James
ellis amdur
"It had to be felt" is the latest offering from Ellis Amdur, author of "Duelling with O'Sensei" and "Hidden in Plain Sight" and a fabulous gift to the aikido community. Whilst today his is a koryu affectionardo, he trainined extensively in Aikido earlier in his career and with many prominent instructors. In this new column on the aikiweb he describes his personal experiences, warts and all, when taking ukemi for some of these teaches. With nothing invested in Aikido, he is free to speak his mind, colourfully at times. And being a forum others can respond...its an interesting window into some distinct lineages.

So far he describes working with Yamaguichi, Saotome, Nobuyaki, Arikawa, Osawa, Tada,  Doshu and Waka