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Ki Society - Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido

posted 29 Dec 2009, 03:42 by Unknown user
The Ki Society is head by Koichi Tohei, the only person to have received a written 10th dan from the founder of Aikido (others received them verbally). Shin Shin Toitsu means mind and body unified. (There are different characters for Shin, one for body one for mind). Ki no Kenkyukai is the organisation it means Ki research. UNder the KNK there are many ways to find out about Ki - Aikido is just one of them. 
Tohei Sensei in his prime was legendary and the KNK was formed by him after he left the Aikikai where he was the chief instructor. I started y aikido in the Ki Society and did a few dan grades with them. For me it was not only the reemergence of Maruyama sensei but also the statement that 'Aikido is not a martial art' that lead to my change. A whole seminar focusing on one rhythm kind of confirmed it for me that this wasn't where my personal intrests lie, though many others find it quite enriching.

Koichi Tohei Sensei

ONe ness rhythm exercise