Aikido Sydney

Having the good fortune to visit Sydney a number of times, it is also a good place to do some aikido as well. Chiefly through friend of the dojo Andrew Sunter (Aikido Sydney) I have learnt of and been introduced to quite a few aikidoka in Sydney to practice with over the years.
Sydney is a big city, well huge actually and there is a good diversity of aikido lineages and practices. Be sure to check out the Aikido Styles page. Choosing a dojo is a combination of something you can get to regularly, finding a quality teacher and doing a style that is compatable with your needs, fitness and intrests.

Aikido was first brought to Sydney in a big way by Seiichi Sugano sensei who formed Aikikai Australia, though it wasn't until it expanded and now headquartered in Melbourne that it really started to take off. There are a few dojo formed that may or may not be still affiliated and some that are independant like the Shin Sen which is reasonably well know (

Today Sydney boasts many aikido dojo from many schools. In ~2008 Mic Marelli Sensei of Aiki Kunren began a collegiate approach for the city as a good way for them to interact, though i am not sure if it is still running. probably the largest lineage in Sydney is the Iwama Ryu, Ryu Ha because of the work of  Saburo Takayasu ( with 7 dojo affiliated to him and others strongly influenced by him at one time or other.

Aikido Kenkyukai have strong presence in Sydney as recently establish a dedicated dojo there (

Andrew Sunter established 2 ki society dojos in the 90's and in 2002 followed Maruyama Sensei to Aikido Yuishinkai ( More recently Tony nel of several brisbane dojo relocated to Sydney and formed a dojo in Liverpool

More recent additions include Darren Friends Yoshinkan dojo ( )and the Tomiki schools have a resurgance as well (  )

The aikido centre was also kind enough to follow some of the work of this site (aikiphysics) so hope to visit them sometime too.