09 Other Aspects of Aikido

posted 26 Jun 2010, 04:03 by Unknown user

Contained within our syllabus are ranges of specialisations that also form part of what we do in aikido.



Weapons’ training is fundamental to deeper understanding of aikido. It teaches extension of the mind beyond the extremities of the body, an understanding of correct body alignment and an awareness of ma-ai (correct distance). For this reason our syllabus contains many solo and paired weapons kata that should be an integral part of our practice.

Whilst weapons isn’t formally examined until the senior Kyu grades it should be introduced to students from early on as it facilities their development and understanding of aikido. Its is essential to introduce this with great care because of the potential for danger


Ki and mental disciplines

Ki and an understanding of Ki principles is an important part of our Aikido lineage. In the past Aikdo and Ki were taught separately however Maruyama sensei prefers to teach Ki as a part of aikido rather than separately. Thus Ki testing and principles should be integrated into our aikido practice.

Classes often finish with practices that emphasise Ki more. Good examples of this are Kokyu dosa, Yuishin-in, motto and Ki breathing



Yuki is Maruyama sensei’s healing side to aikido. It is similar to the Kiatsu of Ki society but also embraces the Sotai practices where we allow the body to heal itself. Yuki is often taught in a dedicated class where uniforms are not worn though can be taught in a regular class.