11 - HELP I need aikido students

OK great you have an Aikido dojo now what? Well assuming you have good aikido skills and emerging teaching skills you now need to learn the Ura side of aikido - running a dojo. This includes an understanding of the process of students being attracted to aikido, when they are likely to wax in their enthusiasm together with the fundamental demographics of a dojo. 
  1. Growing a Dojo looks at the funnel of enquiries, walkins right through to blackbelt. Using statistics gathered over a 10yr plan and retention rates through the kyu grades it finds that only 1 in 454 students gets to ShoDan,  and identifies the key drop out points. Also included is a customisable spreadsheet where you can calculate your dojos eventual size based on the number of people coming into your dojo each month.
  2. Aikido dojo demographics  looks at the key demographics of 2 dojos, one in the inner city (within the CBD)  and one based in the suburbs(10km from CBD). We find the modes of transport used by students, how far the typical student travels to get to the dojo, who has time in their life to help run the dojo. No magic solutions but may give some insights into where your students are lurking
  3. Working the numbers in brisbane we arrive at what is a realistic number of students to expect in a dojo and some strategies to get there. See  Opening an aikido dojo: Working the numbers in Brisbane and beyond