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04 Developing Break-falling

posted 20 Jan 2010, 18:57 by Unknown user
In learning break-falls, as with everything in the dojo, we start with basics and progressively get more advanced.

- everything lands together. The most basic of break-falls, we don't do it as our preferred rolling method but its absolutely necessary as an emergency measure to stop yourself rolling into trouble or when thrown by an overly vigorous nage or beginner. If you want to be comfortable in other dojo or used by Maruyama Sensei as an uke these skills are essential

Here is the progression:

Progression to basic breakfalls

Kotai can be hard on the body so progression to Juntai is desirable.
Thanks to the efforts of Paul and Gabby sensei we have some very nice soft break-fallers in the dojo now

Juntai breakfalling

Anything is possible in freestyle training. Watch again Charlie's tanninzugake and the ukes in Sid's Sandan grading in the higher level ukemi article.