Aikido Yuishinkai

Aikido Yuishinkai is the creation of Master Koretoshi Maruyama, (a student of the founder of aikido from his last generation of students) and the former chief Instructor Michael Williams (now retired). Maruyama Sensei, a former chief instructor and president of the Ki Society he famously went into seclusion for 10yrs, receiving permission from the temple priest he emerged and with International Chief Instructor Michael Williams Sensei (retired 2012) brought Aikido Yuishinkai to the world. At the time of Williams Sensei's retirement there are over 100 dojo following Maruyama Sensei.

Aikido Yuishinkai is currently undergoing generational change. Some interesting articles from seniors. These pages are a reflection of Aikido Yuishinkai circa 2012.

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Michael Williams Goshinkai Aikido formed by the former international Chief instructor
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