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Registration Fees

(Full and W/end registration incl. lunches and Seminar Dinner)

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Full seminar (Fri - Wed)

Weekend Seminar (Fri, Sat, Sun)

c  $295

c  $210



Casual Sessions (Fri, Sat, Yuki sessions only)



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Additional dinner

Family dinner (+1 extra adult & dependants)

c  $20

c  $30




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Discounts (not available for casual classes)

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Registration discounts

Early bird (closes July 31st)

Preregistration (closes Sept 21st)


c  - $40
c  - $20




Concession (FT student or c/card holder only)

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c -$20



Traveller discounts

Syd, Rocky, ACT

Cairns, VIC, SA

Tas, WA, O/seas


c  -$20

c  -$40

c  -$60





Refund policy

80% of the registration may be refunded up to 2 weeks before the seminar. 50% refundable thereafter. Exceptional circumstances will be considered. In the unlikely event the advertised instructor is unavailable a suitable replacement will be found.

Registrations received or postmarked on or before advertised closing dates will qualify for discounts

Discounts Total  - $



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Attendance will be limited to a first come basis. All registrants are encouraged to register in full to avoid disappointment. Please arrive early on 1st session to complete registration process. Minors will need a parent/ guardian to sign a release on the day


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