09 Aikido Yuishinkai Seminar Videos

For Many years now Elisabeth Andel, the multimedia co-ordinator of Aikido Yuishinkia has diligently filmed, editted and prodecuded DVD's from seminars in Australia and Over seas as well. These video's are snapshots of the developing art of Aikido Yuishinkai and for many represent the only way to get access to the latest teachings, dojo inertia sometimes being slow to respond. here are some of the videos. 

For larger quantities of handbooks, videos or DVDs in NTSC or PAL format, please 
contact Elisabeth Andel by email or telephone: +61 (0)403 350844 

Some are also available from Budo Videos
Some of the titles include

Maruyama Sensei's 'Aikido Arts' DVD

Aikido Seminar 2005, Maruyama Sensei 

Aikido Yushinkai World Tour 2006, Maruyama Sensei 

Aikido Yushinkai Australia 2007, Maruyama Sensei 

Aikido Yushinkai Australia 2008, Maruyama Sensei 

Aikido Yuishinkai International, Seminar in UK and Holland, 2009 *NEW 

YUKI Volume 1 & 2, The Healing Art of Aikido DVD 

YUKI Volume 3, DVD, Maruyama Sensei, World Tour 2006 

YUKI Volume 4, DVD, Maruyama Sensei, World Tour 2007

YUKI Volume 5, Maruyama Sensei, Australia 2008