07 Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook

The Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook is written by Michael Williams , Chief Instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai International, contains 150 pages of relevant information for beginners, advanced students and instructors. The Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook is an essential tool for all those training with Aikido Yuishinkai. This comprehensive handbook covers a wide range of topics including the founder's philosophy and motto, dojo etiquette, principles for character development, breathing, yuki, techniques, grading syllabus, aikido for children and more. In the production of this work, references have been made from various books on Aikido, in particular Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by Westbrook and Ratti, from which a number of drawings were copied, as well as a chapter on Yuki from Order, Spontaneity and the Body by Master Haruchika Noguchi.

The book is available through Aikido Yuishinkai dojos, through budovideos.com or directly from  Aikido Yuishinkai