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Private Lessons

There was a time when everyone wanted private lessons and in the age of the quick fix and time poor cashed up people it seems like a better way to get where you are going. But in the world of martial arts and in particular partner based arts its probably not the best way to learn the art. Why is that you ask, well private lessons whilst giving you expert one on one tuition and will give you the experience of working with a highly skilled partner - will more than likely not provide you with the variability and broad base of experience of working with experienced and novice practitioners, of people with strong muscles and less strong, of tall and short of heavy and light. Then there is the gamut of mindsets to work with as well from aggressive, passive aggressive through to passive. All of these variable will give you robust skills to make you aikido really stand up to anything you can throw at it. Some thoughts on learning aikido are here Aikido as an Elite Sport