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66% more Aikido techniques at the National Seminar

posted 8 Nov 2009, 17:26 by Unknown user
Last months national seminar brought with it some fabulous concepts to work on for the coming year. Firstly Maruyama sensei introduced 2 new levels to look at technique beyond Kotai, Juntai and Ryutai being Kutai and Kontai. The mathematician in me says wow thats a 66% growth in syllabus as we explore each technique through these two new levels.
Syllabus Foundations are the first three levels
Kotai (static) - Techniques begin with Katatedori style attacks (hand grabs) where accurate positioning of the body is developed through precise clearly described movements and footwork (such as moon shadow lizard legs). This teaches not only the correct distance and timing for these attacks
Juntai (moving) - Techniques are practiced with uke being seperated from nage by a small distance as we begin to operate at intent level.
Ryutai (freestyle) - At this level free your mid from footwork and respond directly to uke's movements and the shape of the technique.
Kutai Maruyama sensei describes as universe level. These techniques are to be done like the Ryutai level techniques but with fully extended circles initially - the circle describing the universe. As we practice and develop kutai we can begin to make the technique smaller by reducing the circles size. When the circle is sufficiently small we arrive at Kontai level
Kontai or soul level technique. Here the techniques cease to be external physical techniques and start to become more internal. At this point the body is less involved and it becomes more about Ki extension. Also at this point the outward expression of the technique starts to look similar e.g. iriminage and ikkyo look that same on the outside (though the mental gymnastics inside can be quite different)