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DR Aikido (Daito Ryu that is)

posted 8 Nov 2009, 20:44 by Unknown user
Also at this years seminar was our first opportunity to be taught by Okajima Sensei. Sensei has been announced by Maruyama Sensei as his next successor. Okajima sensei was an uchideshi in the Ki Society and student of the Roppokai Daito Ryu - the forerunner art of aikido.  I first had the opportunity to practice with sensei in OSaka in 2005. His technique and internal mastery were perplexingly mysterious then and only a little less so now :(

The art informes greatly on aikido and its intergration into Aikido Yuishinkai is fascinating. There is a subtle mindset but it opens up a new mindset. below is a video of his DR teacher. some things look a bit co-operative but having felt some of it well i believe it...if i can just do it ..that would be the trick

Daito Ryu in action