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Cheap Aikido Books

posted 8 Oct 2010, 04:35 by Unknown user
With the Aussie dollar almost the same as the $US it a great time to get thee to Amazon and stock up on aikido books. Buying a few keeps the shipping down and saves huge amounts on what it costs to buy them in Australia, assuming if you can find a shop that stocks them.
Here's a few ideas to get started
and a few more on Books to recommend
If your new to aikido you can't go past Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, Yoshinkan's Total Aikido and  maybe Angry White Pajamas for a laugh. Persimmon Wind tales of a wistful pilgrimage to Japan.  If you've been around the traps a bit the Skoss editted books and Amdur books are heady stuff and you can sort the wheat from the chaff on the rest of the list.

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