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Kiai - Out of the archives

posted 3 Dec 2010, 03:48 by Unknown user

Some of the old timers may remember Kiai, the official newsletter of the Ki Society Australia from the late 90's, it ran for almost 2 years, with Tony Deckers Sensei from Caboolture at its helm as  its editor. It was  a pickup of the original 'Kiai' newsletter created by Michael Williams Sensei and co-run by Carol Booth.  I recently discovered the Deckers editions online and had a good read,there were a few articles by Alison Lane and some from yours truly. They are not too embarrassing, and a nice reminder of where we have come from and how far there is yet to go.... 

Alison acted as as live in otomo for visiting instructors (including Tamura, Kataoka, Nonaka and Will Reed), this not only gave her access to some private training opportunities but also the opportunity to conduct some interviews (Tamura sensei Interview, Alison LaneNonaka Sensei Interview by A.Lane and D. Bomford)

For my own part I was living in London for much of this time and submitted not only the early beginning of the Aikiphysics but also some personal experiences on training in the UK (A Budo Bum in London, 1999)

You can get the full magazines here and spot many a senior getting about in all Colors of the rainbow (ecxcept its a black and white production)

Unfortunately though the magazine was well supported, changes came with the formation of Aikido Yuishinkai and 2 seperate Ki Society being formed (read a brief chronology here) leaving readers to ponder a revival somewhat down the track