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Meditation on Ikkyo

posted 30 Jun 2010, 23:26 by Unknown user
Finally I have edited down some of the footage Aran shot of Paul and I messing around with Ikkyo.  Actually it didn't take too long since there was only one take, and a thin thread of supporting text. Some of the ideas I have wanted to write down for quite sometime but its hard to without supporting diagrams...then along came youtube.
Split into 2 parts, Please enjoy...

Origins of Ikkyo - A look from simple sword movement to the recovery of Ikkyo. There is more i want to add - just need another training opportunity to try it out

Aikido Yuishinkai Ikkyo in 5 easy steps - Standard Kontai, Juntai and Ryutai done badly and then extrapolated to Kutai and Kontai levels based on Maruyama Sensei's teaching of these two levels (66% more Aikido techniques at the National SeminarTenchinage - More Kontai and Kutai level techniques)