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Patrick McCarthy Sensei at the Brisbane Martial Arts Expo

posted 13 Apr 2010, 20:26 by Unknown user

hi everyone I went to the Patrick MCarthy session at the Brisbane Martial Arts expo last weekend. Sensei is well known internationally for his work on the origins of Karate with many opinions on him and his work. Most famously he  published and further researched for a translation and interpretation of the BuBishi - which demonstrated it was the product of Chinese origins. With an interesting pedigree in many martial arts he demonstrated mostly from Koryu (ancient arts). His demonstration started with Tameshigiri (cutting mats with live blades), he then demonstrated a series of paired sword kata from the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu - which he introduced as templates. He jovially joked that he kept losing - but of course thats his job as the teacher in the koryu arts to take this role. 

Following this he did some free sparring with bokken which was impressive to watch his control of ma-ai and ability to keep talking during breaks.

He had some interesting takes on western fencing, reenactment groups and the MMA popularity.  The Uchinadi school has an offshoot art called Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu. Interested in the aiki component  I asked and sensei revealed he has some background in the DaitoRyu (through Richard Kim) and also small circle Jujitsu (whose 10 principles are so close to aiki principles its not funny) founder the famous Wally Jay

More information about sensei can be found on the Koryu Uchinadi site

MacCarthy Sensei demonstrating some Koryu kata