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Restraint and Removal seminar

posted 22 Sept 2010, 19:36 by Unknown user
As mentioned at last last nights class if you have some interest in restraint and removal you might like to attend this seminar, we have a long relationship with David Dangerfield sensei and you would be very welcome. Here are some reports on working with Joe Sensei

During October 2010, Joe Thambu Shihan (Yoshinkan Aikido 7th Dan) will be travelling to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to share his knowledge of the applications of Aikido.
Joe Shihan will be teaching both an Aikido Principle & Practice class and a Restraint & Removal Seminar.
Aikido: Principle & Practice
Learn principles of movement and technique to perform Aikido at an advanced level. Receive personal coaching from an internationally recognised teacher in the important practice principles that made Joe Thambu Shihan a leading Aikido practitioner.
Open to all Aikido students and teachers.
Sunshine Coast: Friday 22nd October 2010, 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
Cost: $22
Restraint & Removal
For nearly 20 years Joe Thambu Shihan has trained security personnel, police personnel and armed forces in restraint & removal techniques. Easy to learn techniques - be able to control and neutralise violent or resistant people within the constraints of ‘Duty of Care’.
Participants will learn skills in:
-Command presence
-Conflict resolution and people management skills
-Aggression management skills for non-compliance Physical skills using APPROPRIATE force to restrain & remove a resistant or violent person (inc. Team work skills for multiple offender scenarios)
Open to security personnel, police & martial artists of all styles.
Sunshine Coast: Saturday 23rd October, 11:30am - 1:30pm & 3:00pm - 5:00pm.
Cost: $99
more information and bookings please contact  (07) 5445 9116 or email