Recommended reading

An important part of learning is self learning, books and DVD's can play a part of that. We strongly encourage our newer students to read aikido books if the are into reading. Early on something like the Dynamic sphere has set a philosophical grounding and plenty of techniques through images as well. Ther are plenty of deep thought and technique boooks out there - follow your heart. Later on books like Angry White Pajamas and Persimmon wind for example introduce and demystify Japan for the budding Japanophile
Here are several books we own, on Aikido and related subjects.  Some more detailed review text is here.
Some have been bought on Amazon, some not. The shipping costs a few $$$ ( buy a few at once when the dollar is good) but the range is better than your average bookstore, though you don't get the tactile experience

Some commercial DVD's, with what we think constitutes good martial arts and/or good fun that you might like are listed here