how to throw

Aside from picking up and throwing, to move somethign you must move centre of mass outside the base.

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The dynamics of this are difficult. the object must be stopped from moving e.g. slidingn (or stepping) and then it can be tipped over.

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Instead what is easier is to topple, this has the effect of removing the base of support and raising the centre of mass. The object is now unstable and easily moved.

Working with people
much harder than a rigid body - every tried to pick up a bag or water? If you are the same size or smaller than opponent , therefor need to do something more than push or pull. This something might be called aiki, mechanical advantage or biomechanics.

join linkages of the body through compression or stretching.

Fix the base
prevent uke from moving unless you want them to. lock uke to base

reduce the base
get uke on toes, side on is thinner side of base go that way

raise center - more unstable, reduces ukes choices

topple. push or pull allows uke to step instead go up at an angle to set uke on heels or draw onto toes 
 up is stroner than down because GRF is unlimited and power through centre is highest


down is most relaxed adn generates relaxed power, add to the fall 

aiki age
fixes the base and lifts through centre at an angle to topple

aiki sage push the topple