Mike Sigman (Chinese arts)

A sometime aikidoka and familiar with the Ki Society Ki testing methods for developing Ki (Internal Strength), his approach is mostly Chinese based so there is a new set of terminalogy and concepts to get ones head around. His excellent Internal Strength website is a good starting point. he is also active on the aikiweb forums and other sites as well. I have also enjoyed so dialogue with him through these media that has been helpful.

Internal Strength magazine offers commentary and instructive articles which are related to those martial arts using "internal strength". Efforts will be made to insure that viewpoints reflect knowledge and experience in the substance of martial arts, not personal interpretation, experiments, or theory. In short, we will try to publish honest, helpful information for fellow enthusiasts. We solicit knowledgeable articles and comment from our readers, who we hope will share their knowledge and enthusiasm in the same spirit that we do in this magazine.

Mike's aikiweb blog has a nice introduction to the terms he uses and a short film as well