d. Blocking Nikkyo (immovable body)

This was just something that we happened on by serendipity. First came the discovery that people are mostly insensitive to small weight transfers and that that this order of weight transferees is all that is required to setup a subtle topple.
Now as uke setup a topple in nage as they begin to apply nikkyo. Why the topple you ask - well once someone is toppled they are unable to generate the any force in that horizontal direction i.e. they will be unable to apply nikkyo . Yes its true!

 Why nikkyo - well it can be any throw but nikkyo seems to be the testosterone filled example that people like to use. When doing this uke reports that they do not feel the power of nikkyo, nage reports they they are held outside a sphere and cannot get it, cannot find the centre or that you firm but flabby arm is like an iron bar to them.

I have successfully tried this with my budo buddies and it works so please give it a go

1. Nikkyo hurts adn can severely damage you if applied successfully so try this out with someone interested in exploring this rather than proving they have an awesome nikkyo or its all going to end in tears

2. One of Amdurs advice for internal strength training, never block a persons technique more than one. Why well i think it destroys the training methodology and you have a dojo full of boofheads just getting competitive before you know it and Aiki is the first casualtity