On the Web
aikiweb.com - one stop internet forum for aikido, discussion forum, dojo listings
aikido journal -  Run by aikido's most well known historian, its a site and newsletter for the enthusiast

Dojos we like to visit... 

Interstate  Sydney Yuishinkai - Aikicentre melbourne

Discussion groups
[Aikido Australia] - pretty quiet these days but was a hub of info at one stage
[Brisbane Aikido] - Announcement list of events in and around Brisbane
[Aikido Yuishinkai] - Unofficial email list for Aikido Yuishinkai

AikidoFAQ  - Ancient as the hills but a good FAQ for aikido

Martial Arts Humor 
Stooge-Fu· The art of Larry, Curly and Mo
LLAP-Goch - The monty Python Martial Art
Dog Judo - Great animated sketches of judo dogs, some english humor appreciation helps too

Ki-Fusion Aikido- as seen in Blitz magazine 

AustralianPlanet Australia's Search Engine

Aikido Health Centre
Practical, step-by-step tips on aikido and health to boost your energy levels and fast-track your Aikido skills. An absolute ton of FREE, unique information, FREE Harmony ezine, Ecourses, software, ebooks and more!

Complete Martial Arts.com Most comprehensive site for all areas of martial 
arts related subjects including styles, history, people, movies, books, etc.