Aikido Classes

martial arts classes
Martial arts offer something hard to find in many other disciplines. Whether your goals are self defense, fitness, increased self confidence or to earn a black belt we can help you get there. 

Learning aikido with us offers the technical insights of an ancient art, the discipline of a martial way, guided by experienced instructors. Along the way you'll enjoy the benefits of an aerobic activity, weight bearing exercise and self defense skills. 

Classes combine the traditional learning methods of aikido informed by modern methods adopted by elite athlete, in the spirit of learning together. Classes are conducted by (NCAS)  accredited instructors.

If you are new to the art we recommend you start with our Introductory trial 2 lessons beginning on the first Wednesday and following Thursday of each month. 

You are also welcome to come by to watch or start at any time. Please contact us if you have further questions.