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Aikido Republic's dojo is currently closed please see our home page for activities of the association and other training opportunities in Brisbane.

Start Today with Two Trial lessons ($20),
Everyone had their first class in Aikido once and we remember what its like. Please relax and enjoy, you are welcome at our dojo. You can start at any time, though if you come at the start of the month where you can start with other people new to the art.  The lessons are integrated with the rest of the dojo, with some one-on-one time and will cover some basics as a group.
Prepayment, via Paypal appreciated as we don't collect money at the dojo

Nothing worth learning comes easily. We recommend you make a serious commitment to study the art for at least one to two months as the best way to make an informed decision about whether Aikido is right for you. 
We, your instructors and fellow students also make a commitment to help you along through the course of normal one-on-one practice.

Other Arts 
If you are coming from another discipline including the martial arts, artistic (esp. music) and any school of formal learning (uni, TAFE etc..) you are going to have rich experiences and habits of learning that you can draw on as will aid your discovery of aikido. Even though you may have to relearn many things you will develop more robust aikido as a result of this.

Other Martial Arts
If you have experience in another martial art or are still practicing something else you are welcome to practice with us. We can't do your art but you may find a unique insight into your art from the viewpoint of aikido. Having said that many of our colleagues and senior students have experience in other arts and enjoy aikido because of it. No black dragon silk uniforms though please. Although it may initially be confusing, serious students of other arts tend to make really good aikidoka over time

Homework [Homework]
You will be encouraged to undertake some home study. Mastering the basics of tumbling and generating relaxed power will accelerate the benefits of training. Simple strengthening of your body for aikido movements and learning basic movements to help develop skills more quickly, you are also encouraged to read widely. Its not onerous or particularly time consuming, just a good way to get 'up to speed' and get the most out of our time together.

What to wear
Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing such as track pants and a T shirt in time you will need to acquire a training uniform and other accessories.  Whilst the basic skills of tumbling, foundation techniques and movements are learnt relatively quickly, the art has depths that will keep you excited for many years.

Beginners classes
We get a lot of enquiries for beginners classes or courses. Beginners courses work very well as a method of mass instruction but less well at developing expertise and independent learners. Instead we take on a few beginners at a time.

Joining in our regular class as an apprentice means you'll always be taught by experienced instructors and usually be working with aikido students with at least 5+ yrs experience. This is  the traditional way of learning martial arts and has much in common with how Australias best athletes are developed

Stop Today
Training in martial arts is a lifestyle choice and requires commitment to regular training. For many who start, this is difficult to maintain as the activities of daily life intrude. In our dojo there are no contracts to sign with only a monthly training fee required you can stop any time. The vast majority of people who stop martial arts just walk out the door one night and thats that! While this is Ok its nice to hear from you afterwards so let us know. 

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