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16 Apr 2011
The Brisbane Aikido Republic is an excellent place to train and develop one's Aikido. Danny Sensei has an incredible amount of technical knowledge that he is willing to share and allow his students to benefit from. Upon first arriving, I noticed the class size was small but the quality of everyone's Aikido was extraordinary. The training is fun and class never gets dull as Danny Sensei pulls out another trick out of his sleeve. 
27 Jan 2011
Danny Sensei provides a fantastic Aikido training experience. I highly recommend Brisbane Aikido Republic Dojo both as a beginner or an Aikidoka who has trained for many years. 

27 Sep 2010
This is the one. If you only ever try one martial art and only try one dojo, then make sure it's here with Danny Sensei. For all of you have ever wanted to really learn what martial arts is all about then this is the place. Danny Sensei has a wealth of experience, a relaxed warm and friendly teaching style, and is keen to pass on his extensive knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn. Having trained in many dojos in many countries I can safely say that this is the one... 

1 Aug 2010
Excellent dojo, excellent Aikido This dojo has a good vibe, no egos, just good Aikido. The instructor clearly has a lot of time under his belt, knows his art and knows how to teach it. The classes are small in number which gives you more one on one with the instructor. 

Reviews from truelocal.
"After a long hunt for a dojo to call home in Brisbane I am glad to have found such a friendly, welcoming and respectful group. Sensei has an excellent fluid style and teaches with humour in a thoughtful, and well presented format, there is always a good mix of instruction in basic technique and free form practice. Each class has been insightful and thoroughly enjoyable. If you are looking for a great dojo make sure you check this one out.", Vicki 

Introduction by the International Chief Instructor, Aikido Yuishinkai