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How Much?

You cannot pay for instruction, it is freely given, mat fees cover the various costs of operating a dojo and are geared to support regular practice
All fees are by Paypal only, which keeps the admin low, your support is appreciated Please don't bring your money to the dojo.

All fees online with PayPal
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$20 Introductory Trial (2 lesson trial)
$15 Casual Visit 
$10 Ronin Shugyo (Last Tue of month only)
Regular Members
$60 Monthly (start of month), 6 lesson Prepay 
$50 Monthly (conc., Yudansha, after 12 mths     
                                    active member)
$60 6 lesson prepay
$50 6 lesson prepay (conc., Yudansha, after                                     12 mths active member)

Insurance Payment
$40.00 please pay annually
preferred in December, but if joining anytime after June then pay $20.00 until next December. 

Under 18's
We can recommend local clubs that cater for these, please contact the dojo.

(Fees cover Rent, equipment, Aikido Yuishinkai membership, Australian Jujitsu Federation, Australian Sports Commission, insurances and local gradings fees)

Other Stuff (See Supplies)
We no longer sell equipment, but have an arrangement with local supplier RMR who will give you a discount as a member of our dojo. See RMR just a few km down the road

Contact us for Private lessons
and other arrangements