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heaven earth man internal strengthOur Aikibody classes build Aiki on the inside and are on Sunday mornings ( on hold as from 2015) are a bit more of a workshop in focus and work on three main concepts of about 20 mins each. Bodyworks sessions are still current contact Michael 0418198531, for further details.
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1. Build the Body
This segment focuses on the building of the key ingredients of the body including building core strength, abdominal and spinal flexibility and strength. Its part strengthening and conditioning, core strength and Pilates basics. Participants find this component highlights weakness that may lead to injury down the track and builds body awareness for next section of training and general Aikido as well.

2. Connect the Body
Following on from Okajima's Sensei's tanden exercises from the daito ryu, we explore the latest research from the Internal Strength, Internal Power movement in aikido as a supplement to personal daily practice. Thus we draw on the core strength and connect that to the ground and out our limbs as the classics  suggest is  'heaven and earth man' who is 'standing on the floating bridge between heaven and earth'

3. Apply the Body
Finally we apply the built and connected engine to our Aikido Kata to help us fine tune and revitalise the experience of Aikido through both a new prism and functional exploration.

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