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Kids Martial Arts

UPDATE: Sorry we no longer take children under 16.

Please consider the nearby Aikido Capalaba.

 Or try the hapkido and taekwondo folk below

The study of traditional martial arts has a lot to offer kids. Our space offers classes that suit children every night of the week. 

While we hope you'll give aikido a try the other arts at our dojo may suit the age, temperament and interest of child more. Please contact Russell Macarthur to find out more about these other arts (Phone and email details online)

If you are interested in self defense for your child we highly recommend reading our Self Defence Primer

Kids Classes
Monday          Taekwondo (contact1800 123 558  
Tuesday         Hapkido  (contact1800 123 558
Thursday        Hapkido  (contact1800 123 558
Friday            Taekwondo (contact1800 123 558  
Saturday am    Taekwondo(contact1800 123 558 

Aikido Classes
Children to mature minded teenagers can practice the traditional art of aikido with other local Aikido dojo's that have the facilities and classes directed towards the under 18's. Please contact us directly for details. 

Benefits to Kids
The study of traditional martial arts has a lot to offer kids. At a physical level there is the development of physical strength, co-ordination in a co-operative environment. There are regular milestones for progress through the awarding of belts that need to be earned, rather than just handed out. Steeped in traditions of the orient the practice of martial arts offers kids a temporary escape from the real world where they can re-invent themselves a little and be the best they can be, all the while developing a sense of personal responsibility, pride in achievements and respect for authority and discipline (not too much though) 

Our Approach
Aikido is sometimes called 'the thinking person art', it uses no attacking moves but instead redirects the energy of the opponent. Exponents of the art are skilled in reading the intent and understanding the body dynamics of the attack and how to redirect it. The study of this art can be challenging but rewarding for children, studied too early in their physical development it can be hard on their bodies, too early in their mental development and it can lead to frustration.

Classes aimed at kids
At our training hall the arts of Hapkido (a sister art of aikido) and Taekwondo are also practiced. Some of these classes are specifically geared to children (including preteens) and we highly recommend them as classes of high quality and instructors of good integrity. These arts are practiced on other nights of the week in the same location. 

Please contact directly via this email form