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What to expect

Our classes follow the traditions and practice of Japanese martial arts. While the Japanese are known to be a formal people, inside the dojo there is a feeling of camaraderie of a fmaily helping each other to learna skill. Come in loose fitting clothing with the expectation of learning something in a co-operative atmosphere
Come and practice the aikido arts with us for a vigorous spiritied workout in a traditional manner. All classes are usually lead by experienced instructors, though each person you work with will teaching you something just through the practice. The dojo is our place for helping each other to improve through honest, sincere and diligent practice. Aikido techniques are explored through 2 person kata, solo and paired weapons practice. In 2 person kata each person takes turns being the attacker (uke) and defender (nage).

Nage's role in the traditional Aikido arts is to blend with the opponents attack, entering decisively with a free and harmonious movement that results in a throw or joint immobilisation. Done skillfully this sequence appears as a natural and effortless progression. There are hundreds of techniques and weapons kata to learn that ultimately teach the expression and basic principles of aiki.

Uke's role has many responsibilities and it's traditionally regarded as the teaching role. Uke must provide an attack that is challenging enough to extend Nage's ability but without the technique breaking form. Uke acts without foreknowledge of Nage's technique (even though it is often known) and learns to respond to the technique using the principles of aiki. Through this Uke learns vital skills of tumbling, receiving technique without injury and most importantly a sensitivity to another persons movement. This sensitivity is what develops our understanding of aiki and enhances our use of technique when acting as Nage.

Some thoughts on practice
 - On mastering Aikido Secrets
 - We are not personal traininers, here are some ideas on what it means to have Martial Arts Lessons in a traditional sense.