Martial Arts Supplies Brisbane

Brisbane Aikido Republic provides equipment for members at wholesale cost.

We no longer sell general equipment, but have an arrangement with local supplier RMR who will give you a discount as a member of our dojo. See RMR just a few km down the road and tell 'em the republic sent you

Dogi - Training uniform $70
Buy the latest in Japanese traditional underwear featuring Aikido Republic embroidery on the left sleeve. This is a thick Judo style Gi, that is unbleached cotton. The jury is still out on wether we they are actually cooler than thin karate style Gi's due to their wicking properties, but everyone else is wearing them 

Bokken (Practice Sword) and Jo (staff) $25
A red or white oak product that feels as good as the expensive Japanese product is suitable for begineer and intermediate students. Its not as strong as the traditional Japanese white oak but much more affordable, also comes in red. 

Aikido Yuishinkai Grading Syllabus DVD $45
as demonstrated by Michael Williams Sensei, provides detailed instruction of the grading syllabus from 7th kyu through 3rd Dan. Also included are the warm-up taiso exercises, blending exercises, the 10 basic forms and the weapons grading katas. This DVD presents the Aikido Yuishinkai syllabus in a easy to understand format and is an essential resource tool to accompany the Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook. ( more info ) 
2 DVD set. (see syllabus and weapons DVD's  for details)

Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook $20
by Michael Williams , Chief Instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai International, contains 150 pages of relevant information for beginners, advanced students and instructors. The Aikido Yuishinkai Student Handbook is an essential tool for all those training with Aikido Yuishinkai. This comprehensive handbook covers a wide range of topics including the founder's philosophy and motto, dojo etiquette, principles for character development, breathing, yuki, techniques, grading syllabus, aikido for children and more. (see Student guide for details)

Dojo Library
Feed your mind. A growing collection of aikido and related books and videos to feed your mind. Available for loan only. We also recommend these books for every stage of your aikido journey

Umm... holds your pants up? We have a motley collection of these in a few of the colours you might like, trade in your old one to keep the stock up.  Black belts, well after 3-5yrs training we'll give you a brand new one for free :) 
 - Quality Judo style Gis, 
 - Training weapons (sword, staff and tanto), 
 - Aikido Yuishinkai Student guide 
 - Aikido Yuishinkai syllabus and weapons DVD's 

brisbane martial arts supplies

The first thing everyone wants to do when starting out in the martial arts is get some of the equipment. The first thing we say is whoa! back up there. 

Martial arts supplies can be an expensive way to fill up your cupboard if they are not used. No mater the art there is a uniform (or dogi in Japanese schools) and prices range upwards from $60 depending on quality and material you select. Of course if you are after the gold dragons on black silk you'll pay a whole lot more.

Add to that some weapons, which come in at $25+ for taiwanese replicas up to thousands for a good training sword.
Get yourself a bag, some belts along the way and its some pretty serious cash, depending on the art.

To satisfy the thirst for knowledge you'll want some videos of instruction and some books as well. I remember well my first aikido book, really enjoyable stuff but from the other end of the aikido spectrum to the school i was studying in at the time. I remember too seeing some cheesy martial arts videos that were fun to watch but not so helpful 

Its a good idea to ask your teacher before embarking on any purchases. No only will they know that the light weight karate gi's are too sticky in summer, that the full weight judo gi's don't allow enough arm movement for aikido and that red oak is Ok for beginners but japanese white oak is the timber of choice for weapons. Probably they will have a local shop where you can get a discount or arrange wholesaling on their own.

If you are a student at a commercial school probably there will be some pressure to buy sooner rather than later and from the school rather than a shop. Thats OK best to play ball with the place you are going to be spending a whole lot of time.
On the subject of books and videos check with your school first can ensure you get something that is directly relevant or at least compliments what you are learning in the dojo.